Enigma - US Deathwing

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Enigma - US Deathwing

29 attempts later we killed the boss that, rumor had it, was harder than Yogg-0 pre-nerf according to an unnamed blizzard employee. Go figure.


Grats to all involved on a US 4th!





Long time no see folks. We're playing Wildstar now. Getting our manmode on again.


We've got a new website and all. http://enigma-wildstar.com/


This site isn't going anywhere, but feel free to drop in and say hello on our new one.

So the general concesus about Heroic Baelroc is that he's generally the brick wall boss of T12, the general concensus is entirely correct. I pray this boss remains in the current state, because it's the best test of min/maxing I've seen in a very, very long time. It comes equipped with some very fluid movement for the melee, and tough healing requirements given that you don't heap all the requirements on your DPS' shoulders. Awesome boss. Suck it, Bael.


Heroic Bael

So this was the worst fight Blizzard's ever made. It was the absolute antithesis of Blizzard's "bring the player not the class" ethos, and was about as interesting as a 12 minute trash pull. We've never been more glad to have an encounter behind us.





Oops wrong one. Here it is:







We love you Bish <3

"I'm still interested in WoW" -Fraya November 13, 2012 10:19 PM(EST)


Bateman on his cell


It's happening.



Goddamn I'm bored...

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