Enigma - US Deathwing

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Recruitment - Step #1

Current Recruitment Needs:
*Updated December 4th 2011 - In order of priority.

1x Holy/Disc Priest/Resto Druid
1x Hunter
1x Holy Pally
1x Fury Warrior
1x Shadow Priest
1x Mage/Ele Shammy

Room can always be made for the best of any class and build.

Raid Schedule:
Enigma raids primarily 6:00 to 10:00 MST (Server) on Monday-Thursday. If your schedule already knocks one of those days off, please apply elsewhere. We will sometimes schedule Sunday as an extra raid day when new content comes out.
Keep in mind we are not looking for players who are non-existent outside of scheduled raids.

Our Guild, Members, and what we seek.
Enigma is designed to be the best, while still maintaining a light raid schedule. Our current loot system is comprised of a hybrid between DKP and Loot Council. We have no interest on being second best on Deathwing, and are hoping to move upwards to compete clearly on the Battlegroup and Continent scale.

That being said, 95% of the ability of a guild is the ability of each of its players. You will make or break a guild, simply by how well you cope at each raid. We will only recruit the very best possible, and if you begin to hurt the guild or weaken the norm, we will not tolerate it. Most of us can be boiled down to an "Is" or "Is Not" as far as World of Warcraft comes:

- If you do not understand the mechanics/theorycraft of your own class, you are an "Is Not".
- If you cannot execute a strategy properly after learning it, you are an "Is Not".
- If you cannot show up, you are an "Is Not".
- If you are an asshole, irritant, douchebag, or depressingly apathetic, you are an "Is Not".

In Enigma it is expected that nobody is carried, if we find you to be a monkey on our backs, we will oust you. You should be learning for yourself as much as you possibly can *cough boss strats*, and always pushing how well you play to your limits. Competitiveness is a great thing, and it will be expected from Enigma applicants, trials, members, and veterans.

On the other side of that coin, there is a drawn line where you are doing more damage then good to improve yourself, keep an eye on it. This is a Guild, share information, do your best to assist others actively, and everyone will benefit.

Also, remember, your favourite colour is Lime.

Provided you don't blatantly fail or disagree with anything above, proceed to Application Step #2