Enigma - US Deathwing

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

I'd like to take this opportunity to send out an invite to any serious player or guild that might want to team up with us for PTR testing. 25 Man testing is going to be coming to the EU testing schedule soon, and we'd really like to sneak our way into that. So far our record on the PTR has been excellent relative to other guilds, and we're expecting that anyone we team up with to field these raids can boast the same thing. 13/13 (or very close) is a given. Keep in mind, this is for the EU testing schedule at 11:30 AM MST, we will have 25 people for US testing at 5:30 MST.


These were recorded on the first and fourth attempts, respectively.

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We'll be driving hard at any bosses we do, and if we happen to kill it once, we will log onto duplicate characters and do it again. Master the strategy with every minute of time we have. We will not be stopping once we get the first kill, and we will not be taking a 20 minute screenshot and pee-pee break. Anyone else we roll with will have to agree to that. I hope to hear from any interested Raid Leaders, Guild Masters, and vigorous individuals soon.


Also, this is a phenomenal time for recruitment. Anyone interested in Enigma, semi-interested, or not even sure if they want a new guild at all, can hop on the PTR and get a feel for our atmosphere. It's a great way to for us to get to know each other without any strings attached. Perhaps your guild is being stubborn about raiding on the PTR, and about taking it to the next level. Perhaps your leadership has obvious problems, or maybe the guild atmosphere where you are right now grows more apathetic each day as the guild atrophies. Regardless, it's a no-risk way of finding out if we're worth the change in scenery. We're rocking focused recruitment for:


1x Warlock
1x Shadow Priest
1x Ret Pally
1x Enhance Shammy
and 1x Cat/Rogue


We can be found on Anasterian(US) on the PTR under the guild tag Enigmo.


If anyone wishes to discuss this, you can speak with me on our forums, or in-game. I'm online almost all the time, just ask someone in guild if I or another officer is on an alt.