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Wednesday, October 16, 2019


The Firelord lies dead, and we got our first Legendary too. It's been one hell of a night. Congrats to Dark for the stick, and Neuro for the mount. I tip my hat to the entire guild.


Rag Down





Almost exactly 100 hours of raiding, over 450 attempts, a week and a half of 24 manning, and a core 30% different from what it was at the start of progression. This has been, by far, the hardest trial for Enigma we have ever faced, or any guild on Deathwing. I can't say for sure if this is the hardest raid boss of all time, because each tier we've been closer and closer to the cutting edge, but I can say this is the hardest boss we've ever touched, and completely unique in his progression style.


If I were pressed to describe the boss, I would say it's like taking the 3 next hardest bosses in Firelands, and sticking them back to back. No part of Ragnaros, individually, was more difficult than another fight, but the zero-error margin combined with the epic fight length render the most endurance based boss fight ever. Even the harrowing 30+ minute Kael'thas attempts cannot compare, simply because of the difference in intensity. Ragnaros P4 can wipe the raid with a flick of his wrist with even greater frequency than Heroic Lich King. Different people use different criteria for what makes the "best boss fight", but for me, this was it. Never has a boss pushed back like Rag.


As far as how we did is concerned, it's hard to describe. Normally we pride ourselves on an extremely low wipe count, but the Summer took a shit on that. I'm not sure whether to give praise to the raiders that were with us at the start of the tier, or curse them for not being here at the end. The core has radically changed with new schedules, new jobs, and new countries. Mix that up with the vacations and the freakish presence of internet problems. I'm not even sure how well we actually did, versus how much was the universe shouting "FUCKK YOUUUU!". Months before 4.2 was out I set a goal of US 7th, and we made that goal. US 6th or even higher was in our grasp, but alas we were unprepared for the shitstorm that is July and August for having a raiding core. Given everything that happened, I'm proud of the guild.


We learned a lot this tier. A lot about raiding, and a lot about our raiders. It's impossible to do a boss like this without changing in some way. I can say without doubt that we will continue our trend of doing even better next tier than we did this tier. Who knows, maybe US 1st Heroic Deathwing on Deathwing?


P.S - To the guilds that are just starting this boss fight now, recruit the right comp first. You will not enjoy having an incorrect comp or having to retrain new people repeatedly.

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