Enigma - US Deathwing

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


So this was the worst fight Blizzard's ever made. It was the absolute antithesis of Blizzard's "bring the player not the class" ethos, and was about as interesting as a 12 minute trash pull. We've never been more glad to have an encounter behind us.





Oops wrong one. Here it is:







We love you Bish <3

It was an ALT CHARACTER battle for the ages...


The Ultimate Conquest




Enigma, as a guild, is recovering from possibly the worst case of blue balls World of Warcraft has ever given anyone.



That's right. We had .4, .3, and .2 percent wipes. To see a light at the end of the tunnel so many times only to have it torn away from you was rough, but we came together and falcon punched this boss into oblivion.



Heroic Ultraxion


and uh...Hagara's dead too. Yeah.

This fight was a complete ball buster, and we loved every minute of it. A huge dps check, brutal healing requirements, and a need perfect coordination from your entire raid made this the first real challenge

we saw in Dragon Soul. Oh, and we also snagged world third!


We got a third on Morderp and Warherp Zon'ozz too, but I won't talk about them.



The Firelord lies dead, and we got our first Legendary too. It's been one hell of a night. Congrats to Dark for the stick, and Neuro for the mount. I tip my hat to the entire guild.


Rag Down





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